Who We Are

Dr. Tom Gerard, DBA, MBA

Dr. Gerard owned and operated businesses in the service, wholesale and retail sectors in Southern California for over 10 years. He continued his education and earned a Master ’s and a Doctorate degree in Business Administration and Management. He has over 10 years’ experience in leadership, accounting, and finance, including the current management of day to day operations in financial matters, operational decisions, and policy decisions. Dr. Gerard presents on a regular basis to local government leaders, the media, university students and small business owners. He has been an adjunct faculty professor since 2009 and has taught undergraduate and graduate classes in Finance, Accounting, Data Analysis and Statistics, and Software Applications. As the lead consultant for Active Business Partners, he assists small business owners in all aspects of business operations from start-up to transitioning out.

Troy Gerard, MBA

With over 10 years in the marketing industry, Troy is an experienced marketing professional in brand development, sales, online marketing, graphics design, and account management. Troy taught marketing principles, networking tactics, business and professional adequate, and company policy at a professional and university level. Having a proven ability to create marketing campaigns with measurable data to expand the reach of a brand, Troy has vast knowledge in data analytics, customer insight, and SEO tactics along with other knowledge of advanced marketing tools. Graduating with a bachelors degree in Public Relations and Marketing from Oral Roberts University, Troy finished his Master’s of Business Administration degree at Southern Nazarene University.

Carl Petite

Carl Petite is the owner of Columbia Water Gardens in Hemet, California. In business since 2007, Columbia Water Gardens is one of the largest pond installation companies in Southern California specializing in retail, service, construction, maintenance, and repair. Carl has been featured on the DIY network, is an active member of many social media groups, speaks at Aquascape’s Pondemonium event, was awarded “Business of the Year” in 2014 by Aquascape, and ranked #2 worldwide as a Certified Aquascape Retailer in 2015. He has written many articles for Pond Trade Magazine and is very well known in the pond and water garden industry.